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Get your kids to eat their veggies! 
I can tell you from experience...There is no better way for a child to become connected with their food source than by growing it.
Children historically difficult will likely at least try foods they grow on their own. It can be a wonderful addition to the dinner table to introduce food that your child is providing for the family.
What better way to get them interested in a healthy diet than by gardening with them?

There are many benefits:
Getting outdoors
Starting the discussion of healthy foods
Learning about non-gmo foods
Getting AWAY from the video games!

Our children's gardens are built to the same standards as our adult gardens; just slightly smaller at 3x3 feet. This makes it easy for a child to access everything without needing an adult's help.

Included in the purchase of the garden:

3x3 Cedar box
special blend of organic soil
3 starter packs of organic seeds
child-sized garden tool kit

EVERYTHING NEEDED to start them gardening today DELIVERED and set-up!

Please contact us today for a quote and let us help you help them...learn lasting benefits of organic gardening!
Gus with his first garden.
Dad and family